October 26, 2012
Ken Burns: Lack of Civility in Politics

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns discusses the lack of civility in our politics and in the current presidential race on Meet the Press with David Gregory.

“It’s always the other guy’s fault,” Burns said. “We’re on the edge of a fiscal cliff and we have the possibility, a real bright possibility, of finding a grand bargain. But we will do as human beings always do; get as close to the edge of that cliff as possible.”

According to PRESS Pass, Burns’ latest documentary, The Dust Bowl, chronicles American perseverance during one of the worst man-made ecological disasters in our nation’s history. The title refers to a nationwide drought in the 1930’s that Burns compared to “a holocaust… of biblical proportions.” Although, he added, “it is one of the most fascinating period I’ve ever studied.”

View the entire video here on PRESS Pass.

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