February 13, 2012
IUPUI Celebrates 40th Anniversary

With so many high-quality events going on in one semester, IUPUI really is one of Indianapolis’ hidden gems.  The university’s programs, lectures, and activities run the gamut, and Hoosiers are bound to find at least one IUPUI-sponsored event that interests them.

This year is the 40th anniversary of its College of Liberal Arts, and in honor of this milestone, IUPUI is offering a series of speakers who specialize in different aspects of the liberal arts including anthropology, philosophy and English.

Continuing the celebration of the liberal arts, IUPUI is hosting The 23rd Annual Joseph T. Taylor Symposium – The Campus for the Community.  During this half-day symposium, experts on Urban Higher Education will discuss, debate, and share their opinions on the relationship between IUPUI and Indianapolis, and in a broader sense, the direct relationship between educational opportunities offered by a university and the citizens of that community.

Running with the theme of continuing education, IUPUI is offering a glimpse into the effects of social entrepreneurship and how it can offer solutions to some of our community’s most pressing problems such as poverty and illiteracy. Weekend U, a day-long conference, includes a distinguished panel of faculty and local changemakers who will challenge audience members to delve deeper and think outside the box when trying to counter some of Indianapolis’ biggest challenges.

If literature is more your forte, IUPUI  offers a plethora of lectures, events, and celebrations, bringing both national and regional writers on campus to present their works.

IUPUI is finishing the semester by presenting one of Shakespeare’s lost plays, “The History of Cardenio.”  Court documents of 1613 state that this play was acted once, but was never printed and the original manuscript was lost.  The play, however, has been recently recreated by Shakespearean scholars, and the performance at IUPUI is the first time the new script will be presented.  You won’t want to miss out on this exciting premiere which runs from April 19-28.

IUPUI’s programming is rich in thought and information, helping to expand local Hoosier’s horizons.  In addition to these programs, IUPUI hosts a slew of events each semester.

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