July 27, 2010
Introduction to Taste the Past
Connner Prairie Cooking Utensils

(Photo by Paul Everett)

These entries have been created as part of the 2010 Food for Thought partnership between the Indiana Humanities Council and Conner Prairie.  The Indiana Humanities Council provided funding for the endeavor which allows Conner Prairie to feature a different recipe every Thursday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. for guests to sample.  Guests can help prepare that week’s recipe, learn tips and tricks from experienced cooks, and taste a bite of the finished product.

Each article has been edited by Aili McGill, Assistant General Manager for Guest Experience at Conner Prairie.

Article content has been submitted by:  Shirley Schmidt, Becky Lauterbach, Linda Cummings, Aili McGill, Leisa Johnson, Debbie Bush, Sarah Withrow, Jenny Sherrill, Maria Thomas, Trudy Timkovich, and Kyle Lively.

This information has been pulled from the more than 25 years of dedicated scholarship and research that Conner Prairie staff members have applied to the subject of historic cooking and food ways.

Most of our recipes come from one of the following sources:  Sauerkraut Yankee by William Weaver, The Kentucky Housewife by Lettice Bryan, The American Frugal Housewife by Lydia Child, A Quaker Woman’s Cookbook by Elizabeth Lea, and The Cook’s Own Book by H.K.M Lee.

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