May 16, 2013
Innovation Interview: Judy Kratzner

What is innovation?

Innovation is making connections to create something new.  Generally innovation addresses a problem in a new way or shares feelings and ideas in a new way.

How is innovation part of your life?

Innovation gives my life zest. I am a circular thinker. I hold a great deal of information in my head and I massage it in spurts. I try to capture what I consider a need, toy with different means to meet that need and look for bate to put on a hook to bring in resources and support. These resources then provide action to address the need.

Who (or what organizations) do you admire for innovation?

I am a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. He was innovative in multiple mediums and the result is such beauty. He was also a master at staging his innovations- and himself.


In April and May, Indiana Humanities is exploring the topic of “innovation,” as part of its Spirit of Competition theme. This post was written by Judy Kratzner. The Literacy Coordinator for Knox County Public Library, Judy Kratzner has been an adult educator for thirty-five years. Her passion is to create enriching primary experiences for persons of all ages in her community.

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