April 10, 2013
Innovation + IH: Oliver Blank

Tomorrow night, Indiana Humanities is hosting Oliver Blank, a composer from New Orleans, for an INconversation (sorry, it’sold out – but we will have a recording available after the event). Oliver is here as part of We Are City [IMPORT], a project that brings innovative thinkers and creators to Indianapolis for a month at a time to work on projects throughout the city.

Oliver can certainly be described as an innovator. He is a composer. He builds sound toys, creates public installations and composes symphonic cinematic music. Oliver’s sound toys and public installations empower residents to connect with sound and create surprising experiences that bring a sense of wonder back to their city.

Learn more about Blank’s innovative uses of music and technology here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/pda/2010/oct/01/oliver-blank-finland-album-app


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