May 1, 2013
Innovation + IH: INconversation with Gary Ginstling

We are excited to announce that we have TWO INconversation events coming up this month! The first INconversation takes place May 15 and features Gary Ginstling, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Gary comes to Indianapolis from the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, which is known worldwide for being a progressive and highly sought-after performing ensemble. The symphony’s winter home, Severance Hall, is praised as being one of the most beautiful concert halls in the country.

Gary can certainly be considered an innovator when it comes to his career path. After obtaining an undergraduate degree from Yale and a Master of Music degree from The Julliard School, he performed professionally with both the San Francisco Symphony and Los Angeles Philharmonic. Then he did something rather unconventional: he gave up performing altogether, and went to business school.

Gary earned an MBA at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. He spent several years working in Silicon Valley beforejoining the Cleveland Symphony in 2008. Originally from New Jersey, he had no connection to Cleveland but grew to love the area and the importance of the symphony.

We are excited to have Gary’s talent here in Indianapolis and can’t wait to hear what he has in store during the INconversation on May 15! Register here (and soon! Seats are limited!)

In April and May, Indiana Humanities is exploring the topic of “innovation,” as part of its Spirit of Competition theme.

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