April 3, 2013
Innovation + IH: Building Heartland Cities

Last night, Indiana Humanities partnered with the University of Indianapolis and National League of Cities on an event featuring former Mayor Bill Hudnut of Indianapolis, Mayor Coleman of Columbus (OH) and Mayor Dean of Nashville (TN). “Building Heartland Cities” included a panel discussion moderated by Carolyn Coleman, Former Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis and a current board member for the University of Indianapolis.

It was an interesting discussion about the past, present and future of heartland cities and although “innovation” wasn’t directly mentioned, at the heart of the conversation was the notion that innovative thinking is required to keep these heartland cities thriving and growing. Topics like neighborhood development, retaining college graduates to avoid “brain drain”, mass transit, education and immigration were all discussed. The mayors were in agreement that it’s necessary to look at these issues in new ways–in innovative ways–to constantly be improving.


What types of innovations are most important for Heartland cities to be most competitive?


In April and May, Indiana Humanities is exploring the topic of “innovation,” as part of its Spirit of Competition theme.
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