March 29, 2011
Indiana Humanities Rebrands!

You may have noticed a few changes around here…in fact we HOPE you noticed a few changes around here.

Indiana Humanities has officially dropped the word “council” from its name and adopted a new identity and logo to better reflect the organization’s mission and its role in the statewide community.

The word “council” no longer describes the work we do—which is to engage Hoosiers in the public humanities through exciting and engaging programs. In 1972, when our organization was created, we made more Council-like decisions.

Today, we are known more as a convener, leader and partner. Visually and verbally we want to portray that we support human interaction and dialogue, which is why you see the emphasis on “human.” The overlapping circles evoke energy and inclusion—feelings that we want people to associate our work with. Learn more about our thought process behind the rebranding, here.

Indiana Humanities has a long history of feeding the mind and the community through programs like Food for Thought by using literature, history, art, music, philosophy and our shared cultural heritage as a foundation for understanding and improving our lives. We think this logo and name change better reflects that history and our future.

What do you think about the new look? How does it make you feel about our organization? The humanities in general? What is it about the humanities that makes them ‘human’?

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8 responses to “Indiana Humanities Rebrands!”

  1. Aimee Morgan says:

    Love it! Kudos to Indiana Humanities. Wishing you continued great success!

  2. Wow! Love it! Nice job.

  3. Ryan Puckett says:

    I really like the new logo. I especially like the callout of the word human. It helps the word humanities seem less abstract.

  4. kola says:

    i agree with Ryan. the emphasis on Human in the logo is pure genius! Looking forward to all the exciting programs i see you have bubbling in the works

  5. Awesome — agree with Ryan, love how “human” is called out, and the loose circle has a lot of symbolism that works for you guys…

  6. Marylee Hagan says:

    The new look and emphasis are great! We all need to keep improving ourselves as we adapt to the future needs of our community. Keep up the good work.

  7. Rudy Brinker says:

    Looking forward to paticipating this year.Great website !

  8. Anne Laker says:

    Having worked at the former Humanities Council in years past, I remember at least 3 different logos we used. This one is bar far the simplest, most elegant and most modern — and also one whose meaning is clear. Way to go, Kristin!

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