February 26, 2013
Indiana High School Hoops

It’s that time of year again–the time when basketball mania sweeps over the state as the 2013 IHSAA Boys’ Basketball Tournament begins. Sectional draws were announced last week and young athletes all over the state are anxiously sitting through today’s classes, watching the minutes tick down to game time and their shot at a state title.


It is the 103rd year of the state tournament. 103 years ago, basketball teams didn’t have the streamlined athletic shoes they have today. In fact, Chuck Taylors didn’t even make their debut until 1918! 103 years ago, the Titanic had not made her ill-fated maiden voyage. The Ford Model T was in its first years of being mass-produced. Very few people would have had telephones in their homes. And forget relaxing with a TV show or some music after a long basketball practice–radios hadn’t made their way into society yet.


The tournament has certainly evolved over the past century, however, as sectional lines were drawn and classes formed. Some of the long-ago rivalries have died out, and new ones have sprung up in their place. Although life was very different 103 years ago,  one thing remains relatively unchanged: basketball is a major part of Hoosier life.


As the tournament kicks off, we’d love to know, who was your school’s biggest basketball rival?


In February and March, Indiana Humanities is exploring the topic of “rivalry,” as part of its Spirit of Competition theme. This post was written by Valerie Carnevale, intern.

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