April 26, 2013
INconversation with Oliver Blank

On April 11, 2013,  Oliver Blank, a composer (among other things) who splits time between Helsinki and New Orleans, sat down for a conversation with 40 engaged Indy residents to talk about the We Are City [IMPORT] project, music, community empowerment and more. The conversation was moderated by Michael Huber, the senior director of commercial enterprise at the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

“In my world, places and objects have soundtracks,” said Oliver. His sound toys and public installations empower residents to connect with sound and create surprising experiences that bring a sense of wonder back to their city. As part of the We Are City [IMPORT] initiative, he’ll be working with James Reeves on The Bureau of Manufactured History project.

Listen in to the conversation: INconversation_Blank.

View a visual interpretation of the event, created by a student at IUPUI’s Herron School of Art & Design.

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