June 20, 2013
INconversation with Glenn Gass and Vess Ruhtenberg

On June 11, local musician and artist Vess von Ruhtenberg sat down with Glenn Gass, one of the country’s preeminent rock & roll scholars to chat about the work of one of the most important bands of all time — The Beatles. Attendees were surrounded by the iMOCA exhibit “We Buy White Albums” from artist Rutherford Chang, which incorporates 700+ copies of The Beatles’ iconic White Album.

Couldn’t be there in person? We’ve got you covered!

You can read a really great recap of the event on Punchnel’s.

Listen in to the full conversation: INConversation with Glenn Gass

Or check out the following snippets

Discovering the White Album
Taking the audience along
Teletubbies, meditation, etc.
How do you follow Sgt. Pepper?

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