July 14, 2010
“In Your Backyard” Farm Tour
In Your Backyard Farm Tour

(Photo by Johnny Jupiter)

I believe that something picked straight from a field is always tastier and healthier than something wrapped in plastic.  Seven months ago five of us from a leadership course in Hendricks County joined forces in an effort to educate the community about the locally grown food available to them. Trying to come up with where this project would go and what would be most beneficial was not easy. As we spoke with farmers and the community one thing became very clear… people were unaware that there are opportunities to purchase locally grown food right in their backyard. In fact, in Hendricks County alone, there are 714 farms, many of which provide locally grown food to the area.

We began dreaming of creative ways to help people experience the farm and become educated on the health benefits of eating locally as well as the benefits of financially supporting the local farmer. Thus, the “In Your Backyard” farm tour was created. The hope with this farm tour is that an experience on the farm will educate the community that there are other avenues of purchasing food than just heading down to your local big box store.

We believe that the American farm is forgotten. We need to educate our future generations about farms and all they have to offer.  We invite you to bring the family to “Right In Your Backyard” on July 31st. Listen as farmers explain what they do day to day, see the livestock grazing and even enjoy sampling some tasty treats at each location. To learn more and purchase tickets visit: http://inyourbackyard.eventbrite.com/

Written by Ericka Bethel, Member of Leadership Hendricks County 2010 Class

Event Details:

Saturday, July 31

1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

5 farms in Hendricks County

Tickets $10

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