October 6, 2010
Hoosier Values

There are young Hoosiers doing cutting-edge work every day, and they’re doing it in a way that reconciles local values with global realities. Preparations are underway for yet another installment of IndyTalks, a collaboration in creative civic dialogue. We’re calling it Hoosier Values: Young People Reconciling Independence and the Common Good. Hoosiers who “made it” elsewhere before returning home will be coming together with some Hoosiers who never left, and the result is a chance to join the conversation about using mid-western values to fuel innovation and create healthier lives for all.

Presented by Christian Theological Seminary, the IU School of Environmental Affairs, and the IU Common Theme Project, the “Young People Reconciling Independence and the Common Good” conversation will happen Thursday, October 7 at 7 p.m. at Christian Theological Seminary and again on Thursday, October 14 at noon at the Lilly Auditorium of the IUPUI University Library.

In the mean time, check out the panelists’ websites and prepare for some unforgettable discussion:

Wayne Zink of Endangered Species Chocolate (www.chocolatebar.com)

De’Amon Harges of Broadway United Methodist Church (www.broadwayumc.org)

Kelly Campbell of The Village Experience and The Village Cooperative (www.experiencethevillage.com)

For more information, contact Callie Smith at LifeEd@cts.edu or visit www.cts.edu/events.

IndyTalks is a collaboration dedicated to fostering a sense of community through respectful and creative civic dialogue. Converse. Connect. Create.

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