March 11, 2010
Hoosier Food Stories

At Friday’s FoodCon, we gathered Hoosier Food Stories from more than 100 attendees.

Here are some of our favorites:

Pure Hoosier

“The sandwich that ended my vegetarian effort: The ‘Hoosier Boy,’ served at a beautiful drive-in that popped up out of nowhere near Rushville, Indiana.”

-Evan Finch

“I remember catching and cooking crayfish with my friend Chris–Indiana Cajun!”

“Indiana persimmons at Thanksgiving predict winter. Break them open and “read” the shape:

Knife: Winter will be cutting cold, so cold the wind feels like its cutting right through you like a knife. 

Spoon: Get ready for a heavy winter. The spoon represents lots of shoveling. 

Fork: You’re in luck: winter will be easy with only a light dusty of snow. ”

“My aunt’s in-laws are German Baptists and they passed on their family sugar cream pie recipes. My mom makes it every year and everyone devours it. My husband tried it for the first time last year and loved it–it was how I knew he belonged in the family.”

“Going to Amish restaurants in Northern Indiana–the homemade noodles–oh my gosh! No one has had noodles until they’ve had those noodles.”

“Wild morels under dead elms. Glory for a 12-year-old.”

Family memories

“I was the only grandchild at Christmas who appreciated the anise flavor of my grandmother’s German Springerle, I have her Springerle rolling pin, and make it with my son.

“My grandmother had an amazing garden (vegetables, raspberries, apple trees). I have great memories of pulling carrots from the ground and eating them (dirt and all). Amazing how much better fresh food tastes.”

–Kip Normand

“I love that my late grandma could even burn coffee and yet insisted on us eating meals together. ‘Even bad food brings people together,’ she said.”

“I remember cooking with my grandmother on her coal stove in the 50s and 60s. I learned how to make Welsh pastries and Welsh cookies.”

“My grandmother asked me how many peas I wanted on my plate and I said ‘one.’ That’s what she gave me and I loved her for it ever since.”


“I love gardening. I like growing everything but growing tomatoes is my favorite! They are so round, shiny, bright red and delicious!”

Tahnaeah Chatman, age 11

Favorite food memories

“Grandma Scott’s homemade bread and raspberry jam after a long drive to her home.”

“Pulling sun-wrapped tomatoes from the vine and eating them in the garden.”

“Garden tomato sandwiches.”

“Eating fresh blackberries right off the bush at Southeastway Park in Indianapolis.”

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