July 6, 2010
Hoosier Food Innovators
Hoosier Food Innovators

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A recent article from the July 2010 issue of Indianapolis Monthly spotlighted Hoosier inventions that make cooking more convenient, delicious and healthy.  This inspired us to pass along the stories behind these innovative Indiana residents. 

Next time you go to bake a pan of brownies all with a perfect edge or microwave your favorite quick frozen meal, thank a Hoosier.  That’s right, there are a number of kitchen innovations, many of which we may take for granted on a daily basis, that were developed by creative thinkers right here in Indiana. 

It can be difficult to make the perfect batch of brownies, especially when everyone goes for the chewy end pieces.  Matt and Emily Griffin of Carmel solved this problem with a new pan called the “Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan” that cooks every brownie perfectly and with the taste of a corner piece.  They later extended this idea to develop a similar lasagna pan.

Most Americans love to splurge on the occasional fried treat, but Kevin Keener, a professor at Purdue University, created a device to help make these delicious foods a little more guilt-free.  The “Radiant Fryer” uses up to 50 percent less oil and no engineered chemicals to revolutionize the frying process.  You may see this new process in action as early as next year. 

Sometimes after a long day the only food you have the energy to make comes in a frozen box.  We owe Gary Hopkins of Scottsburg for his containers with pinholes and steam vents that make microwave meals tastier and easier to cook. 

Three Indiana inventors took hands-free faucets to a new level when they created a multi-mode automatic faucet that only releases water when it senses that your hands are close.  Patrick Jonte of Zionsville, Robert Rodenbeck of Indianapolis, and Gerry Marty of Fishers made it possible to keep the sink clean even when your hands are covered in tomato sauce.

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