August 1, 2011
Highlights from Knox County: Cupcakes, church basement ladies and spoofs!

The Food For Thought exhibit is just wrapping up in Vincennes and preparing for its trek back north to Indianapolis. There was no shortage of people or entertainment in Knox County as the locals organized and created some of the most unique programs the exhibit has seen during its two-year run. The knockout programming was supported by very large and energetic audiences that provided the perfect backdrop for Food For Thought. (See pictures, here.)

The highlight of the two-week visit was de Vincennes Iron Chef Fiasco, a play by Old Town Players performed at the Knox County Public Library Fortnightly Building.  The play was a spoof of cooking television shows and featured plenty of food and laughter. Before the play started local bakers and citizens of Knox County participated in a bakeoff dubbed the “Cupcake War.” In very popular fashion, the winner was chosen by the audience after they were forced to try the delicious creations.

Vincennes kids had some food for thought and food for eating during a youth event organized by the library. The program was on Mexican food and featured both cooking and sampling of the Mexican cuisine. The kids loved getting their hands dirty and trying something new!

Another unique program was the church basement lady contest. These hardworking women in Knox County often cook multiple meals a day for events and people at their church in times of need and celebration. These unsung heroes were given their due as the community was able to nominate their church basement lady for recognition. The nominations came in the form of essays written by the community in honor of their basement lady. It was a great way to honor a group of hardworking and dedicated Hoosiers!

Look for the Food For Thought Exhibit as it travels to the Indiana State Fair Aug. 5 – Aug. 21.

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