March 28, 2013
Help us create an even better state

Please help us create a conversation about how to make Indiana an even better state by reflecting on the following questions:

How do you build communities that thrive in the 21st century?

What do our rural communities and our cities need to do in order to attract companies, families and young professionals?

How do we increase the quality of life and create more connected communities?

What are our state’s challenges and how do we overcome them?


These questions are inspired by an event on April 2 called Building Heartland Cities and features former Indianapolis Mayor Bill Hudnut and the current mayors of Nashville, Tenn., and Columbus, Ohio.

Indianapolis, Columbus and Nashville have each made strategic decisions over the past 30 years that have allowed them to grow while other Midwestern cities have shrunk or collapsed (Read this New YorkTimes piece on Nashville and one on Ohio that spotlights Mayor Coleman’s work in Columbus). This visionary planning has led to the reinvigoration of their cities, but they each have room for improvement. Together, the three leaders will discuss how issues such as education, public transportation and urban dwelling will help their cities — and the Midwest — remain competitive in the 21st century.

If you could join us, what questions would you ask of the mayors? Please post your thoughts below.

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