March 16, 2010
Great ideas can change history

Ideas matter. They can improve the human condition and alter the course of history. As a think tank, the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research believes that ideas are serious business – and should be celebrated. 

To help celebrate Sagamore Institute’s 5th anniversary of making ideas matter in the Heartland and beyond, the institute is hosting an inaugural event: “Celebrating American Ideas,” which will take place at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on Thursday, March 25 at 6:30 p.m., with the reception beginning at 4:45 p.m. The gala will honor four of the reminaing Navajo Code Talkers and former U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. William J. Bennett.

The Navajo Code Talkers are military veterans who brilliantly conspired to use their native Navajo language as secure military code for the U.S. Marines at a critical time during WWII, when Japanese intelligence experts were breaking all the U.S. forces’ codes. Credited with changing the course of modern history by transmitting secret communications, the Navajo Code Talkers played a pivotal role in saving numerous lives and hastening the end of WWII.

Dr. William Bennett, the event’s guest speaker, is one of America’s most influential voices on cultural, political and educational issues. He recently published The New York Times best seller, America: The Last Best Hope, helping American students grasp the foundational ideas of our nation’s history. This three volume series and interactive website is now available for grades 8-12.

Join the Sagamore Institute in celebrating these world changers for their landmark ideas: restoring excellence in U.S. History Education and defending our nation through the use of an ancient native language. Tickets and event information are available at

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