June 9, 2010
Grandma’s Potato Soup with Rivels

Here’s another recipe we picked up while on the road with the traveling exhibit…

Grandma’s Potato Soup with Rivels

4 large stalks of celery (cut up)

6 to 8 potatoes (cut up – cubed)

1 medium onion (cut up)

1 quart milk

1 egg

1 c. flour with 1 tsp salt

Cook the celery, cubed potatoes and onion in water (just to cover) until tender. Then add the milk. Bring to a high simmer – don’t boil. Make the rivels by mixing the egg with the salted flour. It will be sticky but break up into little pieces and drop into the hot soup. As the rivels cook, they will thicken the soup. Salt and pepper to taste.

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