June 9, 2010
Grandma Yoder’s Noodles

We picked this recipe up at Conner Prairie’s Indiana Festival…can’t wait to try it!

Every Saturday Grandma Yoder would bake pies and prepare for Sunday dinners which often times included her homemade noodles.  She usually served roast beef or chicken and her noodles were a side dish but during the week she just added the meat to the noodles and this was the main dish.  Either way we always ladled her noodles over her mashed potatoes.  On holidays her noodles were a favorite of all her grandchildren and we made sure Grandma was having them by reminding her how much we liked them.

Grandma’s Noodle Recipe

1 cup of flour to one egg

1 pinch of salt (about ¾ tsp.) 

Sometimes the way of figuring how much to make is by using about 1 egg per person, but Grandma usually just eyeballed it.  Start by adding the salt to the flour and stirring with a fork. Then pour the flour in a bowl and make a well in the center. Put the egg into the center and start incorporating the flour into the egg with the fork. Once all has been mixed it will be sticky. Put onto a floured board and roll with a floured rolling pin into a large round. Let this dry until it’s a slightly rubbery texture and then roll into a roll (like a jellyroll) and cut diagonally. Let these noodles dry completely (overnight is good) and you’re ready to bag or cook. 

Basically this noodle recipe is the same recipe for German Spaetzle which is a Germal noodle side dish that is made like a noodle but pushed through a sieve/colander type affair to make little round shaped noodles that are cooked in chicken broth.

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