August 5, 2010
Frankfort Hotdog Festival
(Photos by Kristin Hess)

(Photos by Kristin Hess)

Food for Thought had a great time at the Frankfort Hotdog Festival. Although the weather provided some challenging circumstances, I loved this town’s charm and friendliness. There were nonstop activities and community celebration. Plus, hotdogs to enjoy of all shapes and sizes!

We set up in the early morning, while dew was still rising off the grass. From warm smiles to helpful assistance, this community really impressed me. Our booth was mixed amongst elephant ears, breaded tenderloin, kettle korn, amish bread and Hillbilly Bbq; what an ideal medley for Food for Thought!

Besides having an adorable downtown and friendly atmosphere, I think it’s important to address the town’s character. Although the festival’s very name, the Frankfort Hotdog Festival, suggests food; it’s critical to feel the pride, excitement and long-stading tradition of this festival, town and even the hotdog. The Frankfort Hotdogs can be traced back to their first mayor, Mayor Gilbert, who loved the hotdog and as mayor and principal of the high school, named the mascot after his favorite food. Shorty after, the town fell deeply in love with the food, and there’s been a long-lasting tradition of hotdogs ever since!

Yes, it may be the Hotdog Festival, but it’s also very much an annual celebration of what it means to live and be in Frankfort. From flooding our Community Chalkboard to offering helpful suggestions and excitement, it’s clear that Frankfort is a place where community is important, and despite the hardships and adversity that undoubtably encounter every town, a festival about hotdogs does the trick in bypassing animosity and rejuvenating the spirit, even for those of us who reside elsewhere. Now, that’s certainly a tasty treat about food culture!

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