March 4, 2011
Foods I missed while away from home
Being away from home for an extended period of time creates a new appreciation for those little things home offers. Nothing is missed more (other than friends and family) when I am away from home than food.

This past semester I lived in the Italian canton of Switzerland known as Ticino for six months. Ticino has a unique gastronomic culture that blends Swiss-German foods like spaetzel with Tuscan dishes like risotto and veal. Amidst this montage of food traditions, I still found myself craving some of my favorite hometown dishes.

Mexican food plays a large role in my hometown’s food scene. While abroad, I missed nothing more than a tamale, rice and beans from Tacqueria Luz Tacos in Union City, Indiana. But, my cravings didn’t stop with tamales…

Mouth-watering tenderloin at Bourbon Street Distillery, Indianapolis

As soon as I arrived in Indianapolis, I made a special trip to Bourbon Street Distillery for one of their enormous, perfectly-breaded tenderloins. This local joint has become a Circle City favorite for friends visiting from home.

Many Americans, including myself, take for granted how affordable our meat is in comparison to the rest of the world. While in Switzerland, it was a rare treat to have meat included in our meals. A care package sent by my mother included canned beef and chicken from Winner’s Meats of Osgood, Ohio. It was like Christmas the day I received this box.

Aside from physical food, I missed the harvest season and being home to ride in the combine with my dad. This was the first year that I haven’t been a part of this chaotic, but exciting season with my family. There is something special about being thousands of miles away from home, yet still salivating for your favorite Hoosier meals and traditions.

This post was written by Brittany Smith, an intern with the Indiana Humanities Council. Brittany is a senior Communications major at Butler University. A strong passion for food and agriculture brought her to the Council’s Food for Thought campaign.

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  1. carol smith says:

    Your article is really good. I liked the one about guerilla gardening, too. Grandpa has plans again to get started on our garden when we get home. As usual, we will have another big one. We have a couple of potatoes left from our last summers garden. We are having a fish fry tomorrow and we will supply the fish and a large scalloped corn dish, and yes, it’s from our garden in Indiana. I still have green frozen peppers, too. Food prices have risen here in Florida this past winter. We’
    ll be home before you know it and really looking forward to seeing you. We are so proud of you. Love you bunches, Grandma

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