April 2, 2010
Food Haikus

Terry Kirts (of IUPUI) led this activity at FoodCon in Hank and Dolly’s Gallery at the Harrison Center for the Arts.  We provided colored Sharpies, and people wrote their haiku directly on the wall.  Some of them are serious and some are just silly, and some are not exactly haikus at all. Enjoy!

Strawberries so sweet
Bushels and baskets tempt me
To try this red treat

Food Con So Tasty
Food Con is so scrumptious
Food Con is the best!

Crab legs no butter
Meat this sweet needs no extra
Yellow liquid death

Fish sticks, wicked sweet
Makes you want to stomp yo feet
But don’t, cause its loud.

Cheese, you are delish
Made from milk, but butter-ish
Enzymes do your thing

Lime jell-o is good
It is like a bouncy lime,
This makes me smile

The food engulfs us
Oh how we wallow in it
Oh my! Smorgasbord.

Pizza is the bomb
Just like your mom, Ha, kiddin
Pizza, do your thang.

Smooth yellow globules
Clogging arteries slowly
Is velveeta cheese? 


Will lower my
Cholesterol by eating more
Instant oat meal.

Red ripe tomatoes
Bursting with juice so sweet
Makes taste buds tingle!

Lemongrass coconut curry
aromas of gratitude
stillness in soup-love.

How much food wasted
every day on the street
what about the kids?

Rosie applesauce
yeoman elementary school,
canned sauce, red hots, mmm…

Vinaigrettes are
best done simply balsamic,
so sweet, sufficient

Soul yearning
biscuits ’n gravy
my soul long for u to eat
come now to my mouth

He chooses fruit &
I choose vegetables- can this
relation last?

They should come up with
a mare benign name for pink
belly bacon steak

Cap’n crunch
I first had you at church camp, where we also danced-
naked in the night rain (best time of my life)

Doughnut holes for me
sweet and warm for my tummy
when can I have alot more.

Meat and mac’n cheese
green beans, corn bread with cubed steak
now I am too fat.

Brussel sprouts
who eats brussel sprout?
Not me definitely, but
please feed dear sparky.

Wormy cheese stink
rotten meatball mash stack
on empty stomach

Pie pie pie pie pie
punkin pie is delicious
It’s good with whipped cream!

Just like a reese’s
grit, there’s no wrong way  to make
a real southern treat.

I ate stroganoff
at my sister’s wedding
my dad is so cheap.

Poppy seeds on bagel
toasted with a smear
makes it a salty treat.

Already warm, waiting
naked under glass- tempt me
gas station burrito

An ode to an apple-
apple you are sweet
oh, very good to eat you
what a lovely treat

When in cooking need
reach for the  olive oil
My eyes yes indeed!

Last week’s delicious in its prime
Now it’s fuzzy green

Yellow nacho cheese
covering chips of delight
cheesy awesomeness

Steaming tomato
Chef Boyardee spaghetti
Dolloped on blue plates.

Made butter is good
An invaluable fact
Facts have been confused!

Oh, watermelon
Red flesh sweet. I’ve waited long
Cherish summer heat!

Cheese, cheese, spicy, cheese,
cheese, cheese, cold, cheese, nacho cheese,
cheese, is good and right

First experience:
Green, Puerto Rican freaky,
Spicy, smooth, melody

Egg Roll
Side dish for my fried rice,
Your golden skin girds my plate
Free with lunch combo!

Marmite on toasted
English Muffin with butter
The perfect breakfast

A deep dish pizza
Will make my heart go skittish
Thanks people for the disha

Querido limon
Como quiero disfrutar
Su color amado

Summon the food now
And open sesame seeds
Flavor springs to life

Soy crisps and salsa
May sound disgusting to you
But try it! Its cool

Ding Dong the witch died
Clam it up and cry no more
Leaves more for the rest.

You fit snug in my belly…
I will eat you up.

Hello my double mint friends
Oh you have taken on a new texture
Warm, soothing and still refreshing

Strogonoff, creamy
Goodness. I ate you in Oregon.
Thanks Grampa!

I ear juicy pears
All autumn long in ice cream
Maybe with brandy

Reflections on the application of pork
Snuggled in the bun
Never sees the red orange flame
Pigs in a blanket

Caramel sizzle
It never ceases to amaze
Drip, drip wiggle ahhh!

Turtle Soup
I eat this all day
Little turtle from the bay
Chopped up in my soup

I love devil’s cake
Chocolate is bad for me
It tastes so delicious

Yorkshire pudding tastes,
Despite its best effort, less
Like art than, say, pie.

Grilled cheese is gooey
Cheesy great I can’t count
How many I eat

Vanilla makes me
Miss my friend

Creamy, Dreamy cheese
Velveeta looks like a sneeze
It gives me gas fast!

You are so cheesy
Too much and I’ll be queasy
I eat you anyway

Pumpkin smiles gaily
Making good pie or muffins
Joyfully eaten.

Deep, long, eternal
A crunchy satisfaction
Nutter Butter love.

Sometimes I feel that
Foods are not sufficient
To describe this feeling

Bacon, Oh! Bacon
Crispy, chewy goodness, Yum.
I love you more than Peter.

Oatmeal I love you.
Sweet, savory or even raw.
Yeah I know, its weird.

Fried rice is Asian
Rice, veggies, egg and some soy
Eat it on a first date.

My boyfriend made me
Pad-Thai at home. This dish is
Best left to the pros.

Moist and tender
Colorful, oh sweet surrender

Fried rice can be spicy
I like its fish and shrimp flavor
In the Chinese rice.

Tamales are weird
Sometimes they make me feel tall
Strong and sick for real

Delicious little cake
So spongy and golden
Devour it up!

I love malted milk
Chocolate round and tasty
You sweeten my heart

Green durian cream
Spiky porcupine outside
Pungent dough inside

From a seed to spread
A creamy zip to savor
Smooth yet its wicked

I will eat the food
Then I will say to the food
You are delicious

Artichoke hearts clean
My detoxifying liver
Which always needs help

I made lemonade
But I didn’t help me out
So I danced.

Sesame seeds, here?
The bird that sent you? I do
Say, away, away!

CAFO animals
Confined and crowded is cruel
Know where food comes from!

Dangerous soft pret-
zel: fake orange hold the salt
we chime to THE MAN.

(With Meatloaf)
I like meatloaf lots
Some people may laugh at me
But I’ll stand firm

Live lobster on the menu.
Bring boiling water please
And butter for the tail.

Your filling explodes
Creamy, Gooey, White, Chewy
Batter covered love.

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