May 2, 2011
Five things I learned from Dr. Temple Grandin

This entry is a component of the three-part blog series following Temple Grandin’s presentation at the Indianapolis Museum of Art April 28. To visit the other posts click here.

Dr.Grandin’s visit to the IMA was an eye-opening experience for me as a Hoosier and as the cousin of a child with autism. The following is only a taste of the information I gathered while at the PlanetIndy event.

1. Indiana is ranked 7th in the country for incidence of autism.

2. Mentors are essential in channeling talented, “quirky” and gifted students into challenging careers.

3. We’re missing out if we label others with a disability. It is more productive to embrace their unique strengths.

4. Many people with autism are bottom-up thinkers. Details are seen before the whole.

5. In Temple’s words: “The world needs different kinds of minds to work together. They compliment each other’s skills.”

This post was written by Brittany Smith, an intern with Indiana Humanities . Brittany is a senior communications major at Butler University. A strong passion for food and agriculture brought her to the Food for Thought campaign.

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