October 27, 2010
First Friday of November

Food for Thought, by Kyle Ragsdale

New art has been created over at the Harrison Center for the Arts.

It’s inspiration?


Kyle Ragsdale, an  artist with studio space at the Harrison Center, has created new paintings that will be displayed in the Harrison Center on Nov. 5 for the First Friday artist reception night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The title of the show, Share, Half-Share, stems from the community supported agriculture (CSA) co-op that Ragsdale belongs to where portions are distributed in shares and half-shares. Along with the new paintings, Ragsdale teamed up with photographer, Paul Baumgarten, writers John Beeler, Cindy Ragsdale and Tyler Henderson (Big City Farms). These artists created a booklet of paintings, photographs and written word while investigating our relationships with food in Indiana. This booklet was created in collaboration with The Indiana Humanities Council’s Food for Thought program, which engages Hoosiers in a two-year celebration of food and its role in our lives. Admission to the reception is free. Ragsdale’s work will hang through Nov. 28.

But wait, there’s more art! In Gallery No. 2 at the Harrison Center, a different form of art can be viewed. “Memories in the Marking Art Show and Auction” is hosted by American Senior Communities. Artwork is created by American Senior Communities’ Auguste’s Cottage residents that are encouraged to express themselves creatively with painting, sketching and drawing. This process helps them tangibly speak to their families, caregivers and public. The Alzheimer’s Association helps conduct this distinctive program for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementia.

The Harrison Center is an IDADA (Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association) First Friday participant.  For more information, go to www.IDADA.org.

The Harrison Center serves as a catalyst for renewal in Indianapolis by creating awareness, appreciation and community for art and culture.  The Harrison Center is dedicated to serving both “emerging artists” and “emerging patrons” through engaging exhibits and concerts; educational programs; monthly artist support groups; and art programming for youth.  In addition, the Harrison Center provides below-market studio spaces for individual artists and office space for arts and cultural organizations. For more information, visit www.harrisoncenter.org.

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