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Happy 5th Birthday: Hair Discrimination Has No Age Limits

Hosted by Butler University

Join Jantina Anderson of the Advancing Racial Equity Speakers Bureau for a free community talk hosted by Butler University.

February 21
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST
Butler University Johnson Board Room
4742 Garden Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Event Details

Dove USA reported, Black girls begin experiencing race-based hair
discrimination due to wearing protective hairstyles (braids, afros, locs, and
twists) at age 5. Further, a majority (54%) of Black women alter their
textured hair to secure employment. Historic and current hair biases and
discriminations will be presented with vibrant images, physical examples,
and data. Additionally, black women’s and girls’ hair narratives will be
shared to illustrate the lived experiences of hair politics. Ideally, attendees
will leave with an understanding of how responses to Black/African
American hair texture has and continues to perpetuate racism
(internalized, systematic, and/or institutional) in America.

Presentation will be followed by Q&A.

Jantina Anderson (she/her) is an Indiana University – Indianapolis
doctoral candidate. Her research centers Black girls’ and women’s
aesthetic choices, sense of belonging in institutional and corporate spaces,
and resulting identity, agency, and success implications. Jantina’s work has
been presented at various national conferences and published in
academic journals. Additionally, she is a Fortune 500 HR Director, and a
proud alumna of Clark Atlanta University and Michigan State University.
Outside of her pursuits, Jantina cherishes quality time with her husband and
two daughters while residing in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.