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Allyship and Film Series: Re:Tension

Hosted by YWCA Northeast Indiana

Join YWCA Northeast Indiana and the Fort Wayne Cinema Center for a film screening and discussion series that examines diverse cultures, models ways to practice allyship, promotes the voices and stories of marginalized groups and educates audiences through thought-provoking community discussion.

May 25
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT
Fort Wayne Cinema Center
437 E. Berry St. #1
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Event Details

The Allyship and Film Series project is a partnership between YWCA Northeast Indiana’s Racial Justice program and the Fort Wayne Cinema Center. The goal of the film and discussion series is to create space for viewers to develop empathy and understanding of diverse cultures, model ways for viewers to practice allyship for other communities, promote the voices and stories of marginalized groups (including local stories) and educate viewers through specialized scholar facilitation and thought-provoking community discussion.

This month’s film is Re:Tension, which follows Thapelo, a bright and capable university student, on a day in which he is unwittingly forced to question the judgments of his tutors and peers and to delve deeper into his own actions, choices and beliefs. Re:Tension addresses the topic of institutional racism and the gap in student retention among BAME (Black, Asian and Minority, Ethnic) students within British universities. The film was inspired by analyzing statistical data that highlights the unexplained dropout rate of BAME students. It attempts to provide a real insight into unconscious racial harassment within the higher education system and micro-aggressions that often go unnoticed.

Dr. Diana Jackson-Davis, director of diversity and inclusion at Parkview Health, is the presenting scholar for the event, and the Cinema Center’s director, Dr. Art Herbig, is the facilitator. Dr. Jackson-Davis was born in England, spent time in her parents’ homeland of Nigeria and can speak to the specific context of the film and help relate it to a Fort Wayne audience. She also holds a doctorate in education and multiculturalism, which is central to the focus of the film. The goal of this post-film discussion and Q&A is to open the door for community conversations about race, higher education and the way unconscious bias can contribute to micro-aggressions and other racial harassment that damages a community and negatively impacts allyship.

All programming takes place at the Fort Wayne Cinema Center, located in downtown Fort Wayne. The Cinema Center is easily accessible via local bus routes and also has a parking lot across the street. Films will be shown in the Spectator Lounge, which is a secondary theater that is easily accessible from the entrance of the building and includes the box office.

For more information, visit YWCA Northeast Indiana’s website, email ckilgore@ywcaerw.org or call 260.424.4908.

This program received support from an Indiana Humanities Action Grant.