April 18, 2014
Earthquake Rising

Shaken from my bed,

I arise to see a blood orange moon

stuck between two steel arms

of electricity’s skeleton.


Ducks in rippling water

chatter nervously, as if

looking for the one

who stirred their pool.


China cups in place,

I wonder if someone

from the other side

of the world might be

digging through brown earth.

Perhaps, a Tibetan

longing to be free.


Or did that moon thrash

in anger to free herself

from the cold tentacles of

unforgiving steel?


Feeling the cool spring chill,

I remember

it is April 18th   ––

birthday of my long-dead father ––

a lover of the moon.


-Joyce Brinkman (Marion County)

first published by Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, Vol. V, Issue VII, March 2014


Joyce Brinkman

Joyce Brinkman’s poem “Earthquake Rising,” first published online by Connotation Press, erupted from a small tremor in her hometown of Indianapolis.  Her multilingual, international collaboration “Seasons of Sharing” will be available from Leap Frog Press this fall.

Indiana Humanities is celebrating National Poetry Month by sharing a poem from an Indiana poet every day in April (hand-selected by Indiana Poet Laureate George Kalamaras). Check in daily to see who is featured next!

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