July 5, 2011
Dubois County Top 10

The Dubois County Museum was a wonderful host for our Food for Thought traveling exhibit’s first stop on its 2011 community tour. From incredible volunteers to eager fourth graders, it was an incredible atmosphere to think, read and talk about food. Below are some of the highlights, stories and memories from the visit.

1. The exhibit attracted over 1,500 people for the three weeks it was on display at the Dubois County Museum.
2. During Heritage days nearly 400 students and teachers attended the exhibit to learn about food and its role in our lives.
3. Visitors to the exhibit were encouraged to write down how they make their signature dish. Dave said that his signature dish is a cherry dump cake made in a Dutch oven.
4. The exhibit also asked why food was an important part to their lives. Frank said; “it was my livelihood. I was a farmer.” Frank also expressed his thoughts on current farming trends; “it’s amazing to me how different farming is now. My son is also a farmer, so I still see the equipment and it has really changed. I farmed 300-400 acres and with all the new equipment he now farms 3,000 acres.”
5. Lou also understood the importance of food saying; “It’s very important. You need it to survive and I enjoy gardening, cooking, and eating.”
6. The taste of Dubois County was a highlight of the three week stop. Volunteers and the public were invited to bring a dish and sample others when visiting the exhibit. Over 70 people participated!
7. One of the volunteers at the exhibit described the event as engaging, collaborative, educational, multigenerational, and innovative.
8. Kathy described her experiences as a child growing up in Celestine, Indiana and planting potatoes with her mother on Good Friday.
9. Clarence explained how food is the key ingredient to living a healthy lifestyle.
10. Alice enjoyed gardening as a child. “I couldn’t live without it. Maintaining the garden was an important part of my childhood.”

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