August 12, 2010
Dow AgroSciences stays busy at the fair

Have you ever watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition and thought it looks like such a fun and rewarding experience?  I know I have, and this year at the Indiana State Fair volunteers from across the state will face a similar challenge by building an entire five-bedroom house to be completed during the fair! Dow AgroSciences and Kroger are joining many other agriculture-related companies to work with Habit for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis to build a home for an Indianapolis woman and her family. The house even uses some materials derived from agricultural products, including carpet made from corn sugar.  The plan is to have the brand new home finished by August 19, allowing visitors to tour the home during the last few days of the fair.  It sounds like an amazing work in progress no fair-goer should miss! Learn more about the build, here.

Through the years, Dow AgroSciences has given back to Indiana in many ways,  and this year, Dow  AgroSciences will also lend its support and name to the popular Celebration Park, an area that attracts 4-H families, music lovers and fairgoers looking for a shady spot to rest.  The park will now be named “Dow AgroSciences Celebration Park” reflecting the ongoing partnership and support between Dow AgroSciences and the fair.  At this year’s State Fair, the newly named park will include exhibits and entertainment including the Blue Monkey Sideshow, daily competitions, a public art show and the Free Stage featuring a variety of nationally-known artists.  Of course, the 25-foot tall “American Gothic” statue located there is an unforgettable photo opportunity!    

And don’t forget to visit the Food for Thought traveling exhibit, which includes the Story Silo sponsored  by  Dow AgroSciences! The exhibit will be housed at the FFA Pavilion during the duration of the State Fair.  Come explore Indiana food and tell your own food story at the Story Silo!

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