August 25, 2011
Dig-IN and Tune In to Local Food Experts

Interested in learning more about Indiana’s finest chefs, food minds, wineries, breweries and ingredients?

Then head over to Dig-IN: A Taste of Indiana onAug. 28 at White River State Park from 12 p.m.- 5 p.m. But don’t just go there to eat. Head over to the Speaker Series tent to hear from Indiana experts on using local ingredients.

Here’s the lineup:

12:30     Home Grown Indiana: Christine Barbour and Scott Hutcheson
Join Indiana University professor Dr. Christine Barbour and Purdue University Economic Development expert Scott Hutcheson for a chat about the distinct role food plays in the culture of the Hoosier State.

1:30        Pairing Indiana Wine and Food: Jeanette Merritt
Which Indiana wines pair well with locally grown Dig-IN dishes?  Jeanette Merritt, marketing specialist for the Indiana Wine Grape Council has some suggestions.

2:00        Pairing Indiana Beer and Food: Rodney Weaver
Which Indiana beers pair well with locally grown Dig-IN dishes?  Hoosier Beer Geek Rodney Weaver has some suggestions.

2:30        City Ag: Laura Henderson and Andrew Brake
It doesn’t get any more local than this: both flora and fowl for your table can be grown right here in the city.  Laura Henderson will share her expertise about which plants do well in an urban environment and Andrew Brake will explain how you can start your own backyard chicken coop.

3:00        The Butler Way: Tim Carter
We’ve all read about the Butler Bulldogs and the Brad Stevens way.  But how about the Butler Bees and the Tim Carter Way?  Butler’s Center for Urban Ecology’s Tim Carter, Ph. D., will talk about what’s growing on the school’s urban farm and why the addition of 10,000 honeybees is so important to its future.

3:30        Farm Fresh: A panel of livestock farmers
Join the conversation as some of the livestock farmers who provided meat and poultry for Dig-IN fare discuss how they run their operations and care for their animals.

4:00        Hoosiers Heal Thy Ways: 10 Ways You Can Make Healthier Choices: Dr. Emily Frank
We all want to eat healthier and making good choices isn’t easy. Sometimes we need an expert to help sort out the issues. Dr. Emily Frank is that expert.

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