September 1, 2010
Dig-IN 2010 | Photos by Kristin Hess

(Dig-IN 2010 | Photos by Kristin Hess)

Thousands of Hoosiers gathered in White River State Park for the state’s inaugural Dig-IN, a Taste of Indiana. High quality local growers showcased their crops, as some of the city’s most renowned chefs prepared a wide variety of delectable dishes to enjoy. The event also featured local musicians, educational discussion panels,  numerous speakers and local beer and wine tastings.

At the Food for Thought booth, we raffled off tickets to see Bourdain and Ripert and videoed some really amazing stories (to be posted soon!) in our Story Silo. Thanks to everyone who participated in sharing your Hoosier story.

I always enjoy seeing which part of the exhibit most captivates visitors: while one person dwells on the Hoosier cabinet and the historical background of modern agriculture, the next person is drawn to the topic of food stability. However, at Dig-IN, I was excited to see an influx of Hoosiers who were curious about what actually grows in Indiana (besides those countless corn and soybean fields we always seem to see!).

I think it’s an exciting opportunity to recognize and be proud of our state’s produce and food culture. There are a lot of really wonderful local crops and our varied agricultural opportunities are innumerable; there are artichokes flourishing in the Growing Places Garden at White River State Park, farm to school initiatives begun, and noteworthy attempts to eliminate statewide obesity. This is not to mention Indiana’s outstanding chefs and food intellectuals. As someone who is already enthusiastic about this topic, I was shocked by how much I learned at Dig-IN. I’d highly recommend looking over the sponsors, speakers and chefs in order to give yourself a gratifying and refreshing update on Indiana food culture. Sure, everyone has thoughts, opinions and beliefs about our current food system, but it’s pretty rewarding to realize what is already available and being done, in order to join together and feel the synergetic effects of community collaboration and pride.

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