July 15, 2010
Dearest Salsify

                                    13 July 2010

Dearest Salsify,

This morning, we went about our merry ways, pulling weeds in the garden, as in the days of yore. As you might have noticed, you were regretfully included in this bunch of nutrient rogues. We are sorry that you were a blatant victim of vegetable profiling. In our defense, your tall green stature is quite similar to that of common grass, but this is no excuse.   Having never heard of you, we were uncertain of the manner in which you comingled with grass and clover. In order to prevent discrimination by the rest of the gardening community against this innocent member of the sunflower family, we herein will describe your underappreciated qualities.

The root of salsify resembles a parsnip while its stalks are, as aforementioned, very grass-like in appearance. Its cooked root tastes like oyster or artichoke, depending on whom you ask, and its leaves can be used in salad. Additionally, our little victim is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean, and it would have been a wonderful asset to our garden, had our overzealous weeding not prevailed.

In the future we will be ardent protectors of all tragopogon porrifolius, we solemnly swear.

Mournfully yours,

Sara and Audrey

Dearest Salsify

(Photo by Marianne Perdomo)

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