October 9, 2012
Civility in Politics

American politics have always been considered questionable and downright dirty from the Congress to traditional media to the Internet. It’s hard to follow the truth when in reality it changes daily.

According to The Podium, one recent poll showed two-out-of-three Americans consider a general lack of civility to be a major problem for the nation. Nearly half the American people (49 percent) are tuning out government and politics, and almost two-thirds of those people (63 percent) cite the general tone and level of civility as a major factor in their decision. Forty-six percent of the people are tuning out opinion pieces and editorials in the media, and 45 percent cite incivility as a major factor. Thirty-eight percent are tuning out news coverage and reporting and half of them (50%) attribute their actions to the lack of civility.

Read more from the article about civility in politics here.

In September, October and November, Indiana Humanities is exploring the topic of “civility,” as part of its Spirit of Competition theme.

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