July 14, 2010
Children’s Day Kicks Off Plate Illustration Contest
Coloring Plates about Food Culture, Heritage and Family on Indiana Black Expo Children's Day

(Photo by Kristin Hess)

Before our traveling exhibit arrives at Indiana Black Expo this weekend, we had a blast introducing a new Food for Thought contest to hundreds of youth participants at Children’s Day 2010.

For the contest, children are given a paper plate and instructed to illustrate how food is an important part of their culture, heritage or family. The contest will journey with our traveling exhibit, and winners will gain a spot in the gallery of Central Library during our exhibition for the Spirit and Place Festival, November 5-14, 2010.

While quickly coloring over 160 plates, our Indiana Black Expo Children’s Day participants shared stories, asked questions and explained their favorite foods! It became very clear that our mission to examine and celebrate Hoosier food culture affects everyone; we had artists as young as just one year old! From describing why favorite foods are so special, to the memories that surround them and favorite cooks, it was inspiring to hear the young voices so enthusiastically express their ideas and memories.

After the first stop of the contest being such a success, we can’t wait for all of the stories and illustrations to come!

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