May 2, 2011
Chi Sherman on thinking, reading and talking

Each month, we ask an Indiana Humanities friend or partner how they think, read and talk. We feature that someone in the “How do you identify with the humanities” section of our e-newsletter.

Chi Sherman is a poet and essayist who graduated with her B.A. in English from IUPUI in 2002. She thinks often about pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing but hasn’t yet taken the plunge. She wrote an arts-and-entertainment blog for NUVO for the past year and plans to continue writing for local organizations. Chi has released three books of poetry and a spoken-word CD and plans to release her second CD in the fall. Chi participated in an April event at the Meredith Nicholson House for National Poetry Month. Watch a video, here.

Think: In paragraphs, stanzas, and lyrics. Turn the cacophony of brain chatter that blames us for simply being human into something meaningful and artistic.

Read: Poetry and memoirs, blogs and creative nonfiction. Sink into the speaker’s words. Read, re-read, share, discuss, read again. Try on the speaker’s experience like new shoes. Walk around. Wiggle your toes. Don’t mind the occasional blister.

Talk: To strangers. Compliment a blouse, ask about a book they’re buying, give directions to tourists. Many of us are probably just a cup of coffee away from being friends.

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One response to “Chi Sherman on thinking, reading and talking”

  1. I love what you said about talking to strangers. If I were a little more outgoing, I’d fall into step right behind you!

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