March 5, 2013
Canon vs. Nikon

There’s a raging rivalry going on today in the world of…cameras. That’s right, if you’re a photographer, you’re familiar with the endless debate: Canon vs. Nikon. Back in the day, Canon made cameras and Nikon made lenses. The two went together like peas and carrots. Then, Nikon started producing cameras. And, you guessed it. Canon started producing lenses. The rivalry was born.


There are impassioned supporters on both sides of the fence. I have a Canon DSLR camera and absolutely love it. I have never picked up a Nikon and will never pick up a Nikon, just on principle. It’s funny how attached we become to our brands, isn’t it? But photographer friends of mine are equally as happy with and defensive of their Nikon equipment.


The truth of the matter? Both brands produce very similar cameras, lenses and accessories. The products are similar in style, capability and price. In my opinion, it comes down to personal preference, just like the “rivalry” between Ford and Chevy, or Pepsi and Coke, does.


If you’re a photographer, which brand is your favorite? Even if you’re not, what are some of the biggest brand rivalries in the world today?

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