February 1, 2012
Beyond the Big Game: How do we build on the legacy?

In Indiana, we’re often defined by our Hoosier Hospitality, but Hoosier boldness may not always be top of mind as a signature defining quality. As we learned Jan. 27  during a panel discussion moderated by Anne Ryder called “Before the Big Game: Lessons learned — so far,” that’s all about to change. (See pictures, here.)

Thanks to our panelists Allison Melangton, John Lechleiter and Carolene Mays, and leaders like them, Indiana has embraced its Super Bowl host duties through bold steps. Now, we look forward to showing off our great state to viewers and visitors around the world. But, as these three pointed out, it will take a new generation of intrepid leaders to ensure Indiana continues to build upon this legacy.

Some of those visionaries have submitted essays to The Indianapolis Star, and can be accessed here. You’ll hear from Molly Chavers, Jim Walker, Shannon Williams, Trevor Yager, and others about how to go “Beyond the Big Game.” Where do we go from here? What do you want Indiana to look like in 10, 20 or 30 years? We hope you’ll add your voice to the conversation.

In addition, our partners offer more ways to stay involved:

·         Learn about University of Indianapolis’ Institute for Civil Leadership & Mayoral Archives.

·         Participate in activities around the Big Ten Basketball Tournaments (March 1-4 and March 8-11).

·         Learn about Indiana Humanities’ Spirit of Competition program, which encourages Hoosiers to think, read and talk about the role competition plays in our lives.

·         And, of course, visit the Super Bowl Village.

What do you think Indiana needs to do after the big game to build upon the legacy? Please join the conversation.

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