May 31, 2013
The “Best-Of” Innovation

As our IH innovation series comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on some of the “best-of” innovation posts. Take a peek at our top 5 favorite posts from the past two months:

1. Improving through change: Innovation

Innovating means making changes in something already established by producing these new methods, ideas or products. Indiana Humanities recognizes the power of individuals to improve their communities.

2. How you innovate matters

How you innovate can be equally important as what you innovate. Be inclusive, be collaborative and protect your vision.

3. Past/Present/Future: Indiana Innovation

Past – For thousands of years, Native Americans lived off of the land in Indiana.

Present – While the city of Indianapolis was in decline, Indiana spearheaded the innovative technique of using sports to revitalize the city.

Future – How will we continue to leverage our assets?

4. Innovation Interview with Barb Young

According to Young, innovation may be doing the same thing in a new and different way that is more productive, more creative and/or more effective, it may be exploring new areas and/or finding new solutions to issues, or it may be creating something new that we never thought possible.

5. Past/Present/Future: Humanities Innovation

Past – Since humans invented languages, we have been participating in the humanities. The humanities cover a wide range of topics, but the important overarching theme that ties the subjects together is a reflection on the human condition.

Present – The humanities field is currently in crisis due to funding changes and increased pressure on educational institutions. This requires us to re-think how we explain the value of the field.

Future – The only thing guaranteed is that our world and circumstances will continue to change as we think, read and talk in new ways.


Thanks for thinking, reading and talking with us along our innovation focused journey. We have greatly appreciated your shares, comments and contributions along the way. To make Indiana an even better state, we think it’s important that we all look for ways to innovate and embrace a brighter future.


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