April 5, 2011
April Grantee Events

Attend one of these great events in April, funded in part by an Indiana Humanities grant.

Fear of the Other: Still with Us
GRANTEE:         Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference, West Lafayette
The 30th annual Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference will feature Dr. Steven Jacobs, Aaron Aronov Chair of Judaic Studies at the University of Alabama, and Dr. Randy Bytwerk, Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences at Calvin College, speaking on genocide and propaganda. (April 3-7, 2011)

Food, Flora, and Fauna: Jessamyn West’s Recipe for Literary Success
GRANTEE:         Jennings County Schools, North Vernon
C. Byron Buckley will lecture on Jessamyn West and work with the county schools in conjunction with the Big Read program, featuring The Friendly Persuasion. (beginning 2nd week of April 2011 – library presentation, teachers workshop, school presentations)

Exploring Women’s Roles from 1870-1920 through Art
GRANTEE:         Lubeznik Center for the Arts, Michigan City
A public lecture and after-school programs will focus on exhibitions of posters from the Belle Époque and contemporary quilt artist Tommy Fitzsimmons.  (April 16, exhibit opening; May 19, 2011, Joan Chesterton lecture; April-May, school field trips)

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