April 16, 2012
April 17: For Now by Liza Hyatt

For Now

A robin’s song
flies through the open window
between dream and daybreak.

Carrying a heavy load,
a vagabond with a worn suitcase,
I set it down for now
on the side of the dream road
and relax.

I become
a small wild creature
alive in the world’s

—Liza Hyatt (Marion County)

Liza Hyatt is the author of Under My Skin (Wordtech Editions, 2012), poems of relationship and longing.  A poet and storyteller who has resided in the Lawrence/Oaklandon area of Marion County for over 15 years, Liza is also an art therapist.

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4 responses to “April 17: For Now by Liza Hyatt”

  1. Lisa Hamilton says:

    Thank you. Your poem will stay with me all day.

  2. Mary Couch says:

    lovely – nice vision

  3. Gary Schmitt says:

    I like Liza’s metaphors. They feel alive.

  4. A beautiful and quiet poem that tells a lyrical and vibrant story…

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