June 27, 2016
All Good Things: The Finale

Nancy Conner, director of grants and Novel Conversations, looks back on her time at Indiana Humanities in her last blog post of the series.

By now you may have guessed why I chose the title of this year-long blog series, “All Good Things.” The rest of the saying is: “. . . must come to an end.”

Indiana Humanities will not come to an end, but my time with this remarkable organization is up, as I am retiring at the end of June 2016. It has been an amazing 34 years, with so many people, places and ideas, highs and lows, rivers and highways, friends and colleagues in Indiana and throughout the country.

Words to describe Indiana Humanities – or Indiana Committee for the Humanities or Indiana Humanities Council – are not hard to find. It is now, and always has been, a convener, a catalyst, innovative, visionary and completely unique. No other organization spans so many branches of learning or brings together people from so many walks of life. Our board of directors has always been composed of outstanding academic, business and community leaders, and they have been a solid foundation for Indiana Humanities through the years. And, as exceptional as our staff members have been during my time at the council, I think Indiana Humanities now has the best team ever.

What is left to say? Only that I wish all the best to this wonderful organization as it continues to thrive in its fifth decade. I know you will always think, read and talk – and that you will always call on Hoosiers to join you in these essential pursuits.

All good things must come to an end, but this is the season for new beginnings.

This blog is part of a blog series, All Good Things. The series, written by Nancy Conner, will run throughout the year to reflect on topics that have been central to our work at Indiana Humanities.



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