April 1, 2011
A slice of home

More than 60 years ago, Wick’s Pies of Winchester, Ind., began with production of 20 pies per day. Wick’s is best-known for it Old Fashioned Sugar Creme pies. This native Hoosier dessert is created from a Wickersham family recipe that dates back to the 19th century farm.

Growing up in the neighboring town of Union City, I was fortunate enough to indulge in several slices of their beloved pies each year. When my family visits out-of-state relatives we are always certain to bring along a few Wick’s Pies.

In 2009, Governor Mitch Daniels declared Wick’s Pies’ Sugar Creme pie as the state pie and Winchester, Ind., as Indiana’s pie capital.

Sugar Creme pies aren’t the only recipe Wick’s has mastered. The company also offers several other fruit and cream-filled pies, as well as a restaurant that serves some of the best chicken and homemade noodles. On average, the business produces 12 million pies and pie shells annually and delivers its products to more than 25 states.

I paid a visit to Wick’s Pies this past weekend to retrieve some pies to bring back to Indianapolis. My brief visit reminded me why I love this place so much – it’s not just the pie, but the hospitality and feeling of your grandma’s kitchen that you get when you enter the door.

This post was written by Brittany Smith, an intern with the Indiana Humanities Council. Brittany is a senior Communications major at Butler University. A strong passion for food and agriculture brought her to the Council’s Food for Thought campaign.

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