April 30, 2010
A Poem From Tony Brewer

Tony Brewer is from Bloomington, Indiana. His chapbook, Little Glove in a Big Hand, was published April 2010 by Plan B Press.

20 Christmas mornings later

It’s like being born again
to return home and sleep
in my little old bed.

Back in the womb
I don’t fit and I’m aware
of how unsupported I am
in that soft space between floor

and ceiling, the pillow stolen
off the couch because Mom doesn’t
keep one on my bed anymore.
I stretch and my feet hang cold

off the edge, so I retract
into a swaddled hump
I hug hard like a boy-sized fist.
And shadows passing cars speed

across the walls keep
me awake, but not all night tonight.
Soon eyeblinks shutter the light
and open up a chasm of absence

where I used to be,
as familiar as where the light
switch is no matter
how tall I am.

The Indiana Humanities Council is posting poems on Think.Read.Talk. by Hoosier poets in celebration of National Poetry Month. Other Indiana celebrations include poetry readings at the Artsgarden (above the intersection of Illinois and Washington Streets, Indianapolis), performed each Monday at 12:15 p.m. For a schedule of events, click here.

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