ALL-IN Block Party Buzz

Noblesville – July 3 Nickel Plate Arts started the fun on First Friday! Keeping with tradition, their Block Party focused on ways for people to display their passion for a…

Noblesville – July 3

Nickel Plate Arts started the fun on First Friday! Keeping with tradition, their Block Party focused on ways for people to display their passion for a variety of art forms. It featured a public mural where attendees were encouraged to contribute their own personal touches. Participants were challenged to express which form of art (music, theatre, film, dance or visual art) they found the most important. Plus, gourmet popsicles made for a refreshing summer snack!

Minnetrista – July 4

It was a celebration of country, state AND community on Independence Day in Muncie! This ALL-IN Block Party took place during a city-wide celebration which brought an extra burst of pride and excitement to the scene. Participants were challenged with a multitude of activities from sharing their “Muncie-versary and making reading pledges, to brainstorming ways to keep Muncie beautiful and taking a civil rights quiz. Minnetrista excelled through the use of their social media, encouraging attendees to use challenge-specific hashtags such as #READ_IN and #DREAM_IN throughout the event. The night ended with a bang as the party admired a fireworks celebration after an outdoor performance by America’s Hometown Band.

Shortridge High School – July 18

Our neighbors at Shortridge High School brought the city together for a weekend afternoon of food, photos and of course – personalized ALL-IN challenges! The Humane Society of Indiana made an appearance with some furry friends and Nine 13 Sports represented their program, Kids Riding Bikes, which had everyone pedaling through the party. We loved Shortridge’s #UnityofCommunity theme as bringing the community together to explore the Hoosier state is what going ALL-IN is all about! 

New Albany – July 18

The Arts Council of Southern Indiana stepped up to the plate with a “never-before seen” addition to an ALL-IN Block Party – the release of 300 beautiful monarch butterflies! The city of New Albany prides itself in its annual Monarch Celebration, which provided the perfect incentive for the community to go ALL-IN. The Block Party also included opportunities to complete challenges through the expression and appreciation of music, theatre and film.

ArtMix – July 22

It was a beautiful night, full of lots of engaging activities, across the street at the Harrison Center for the Arts. ArtMix’s ALL-IN Block Party celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as the transition of VSAI to ArtMix. Attendees enjoyed an interactive drum circle and art workshops, where they expressed themselves with clay stamping, quote card designing and more. One of our favorite challenges was the CONNECT challenge where participants were asked to think about the ways that they positively contribute to the community. Attendees were asked to develop a business card to demonstrate their skills and impact. The cards were then pinned to a board, allowing attendees to view and appreciate their neighbors’ unique qualities and talents.

Bloomington – July 25

Also in celebration of the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the city of Bloomington gathered at the Farmers Market to complete a set of ALL-IN challenges. The Council for Community Accessibility created activities that would allow residents to learn more about ADA, while also imagining ways to focus on the city’s inclusiveness. Participants kept their eyes on the prize – a 25th anniversary cupcake from The Owlery, a local gem for vegan baked goods! Attendees that completed all eight challenges were entered into a drawing for door prizes from other supporting restaurants and shops. The Block Party also featured the country and folk tunes of Sharlee Davis and Will Deavitt.

What’s Next?

August has been full of exciting events! We cannot wait to continue to recap the awesome ways communities are going ALL-IN.