Chew On This

Chew On This is a program designed by Indiana Humanities to use the power of food and drink as a convener of people and catalyst for conversation to inspire thoughtful discussion on engaging topics.

Chew On This

Chew On This is a program designed by Indiana Humanities to use the power of food and drink as a convener of people and catalyst for conversation to inspire thoughtful discussion on engaging topics. Topics have included the 25th anniversary of the Pan Am Games, ethnic identity and food, agriculture and prohibition.


Chew on This: Latinos & The Next Indiana

Indiana is home to 314,501 immigrants, more than half of whom are from Latin America. In Indianapolis, the number of immigrants is on pace to double within the next 10 years. Attendees contributed to six simultaneous conversations around Indianapolis about the changing demographics of our community and the vital role Latino Hoosiers are playing in the future of Indiana education, business, arts and culture, and our shared civic life.

TMI: A #chewonthis for the cyber savvy generation

Kids between the ages of 13-17 joined us for a special “Chew on This” event for the cyber savvy generation. In small groups, teens had dinner and conversation – the face-to-face kind – about the pros and cons about texting, tweeting and other technology. The chat was informal, parents-free and led by a fellow teen.

Chew On This: Crossroads 1987

A series of dinner conversations at 10 venues around Indianapolis to discuss the success, failures and lasting impact of the Games on its 25th anniversary. In the early 1980s, Indianapolis was at a crossroads. Civic leaders boldly developed a vision that set the city on its path to becoming the Amateur Sports Capitol of the World and turned its citizens into “professional” volunteers. Much like Super Bowl XLVI, the 1987 Pan Am Games put Indianapolis on the map.

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Chew On This: Are You Sure?

May 9 | Various Locations in Indiana

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Stephen Colbert coined the term “truthiness”—the idea that something may seem or feel true, even if it’s not—in 2006. It’s an idea that seems to be at the heart of our culture in 2017. We’re now living in a post-“truthiness” era, where fake news circulates easily (and “real” news can be dismissed if we don’t like what it tells us). Urgent debates—is climate change real? are GMOs dangerous? should I vaccinate my child?—are all, when it comes down to it, about the nature of evidence and the ways we decide if it is reliable and valid.

How do we know if something is true? What counts as evidence? How we answer these questions as individuals and as a society affects the choices we make—everything from how we read the news and vote, to how we choose the foods we eat and make healthcare decisions, to how our leaders set policy for the economy, the environment and more.

Join Indiana Humanities on Tuesday, May 9 as we ask the question “Are You Sure?” during a special Quantum Leap-themed Chew On This. Sign up for one of ten sites around the state, where you’ll share a meal and a fun yet in-depth conversation with other curious Hoosiers. Each table will be led by an expert facilitator, someone who grapples with questions about evidence, truth and validity every day. Your ticket price includes your meal and an unforgettably rich experience.

  • Facilitators include:
  • Andy Cullison, Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University
  • Jane Ellery, Wellness Management, Ball State University
  • Jonathan Elmer, English & William Hetrick, Neuroscience, Indiana University
  • Mel Fox, Indiana State Museum and Central Indiana Science Outreach
  • David Hoppe, Writer & Editor
  • Alan Johnson, Vincennes University-Jasper
  • Jason Kelly, IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute
  • Stephen J. Ruberg, Advanced Analytics & Global Statistical Sciences, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Winni Sullivan, Religious Studies & Elaine Monaghan, Media Studies, Indiana University
  • Susanne Wasson, Dow AgroSciences
  • Deeana Wooley, IPFW Department of History

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