White River: Perspectives
Discussion Questions

  1. The film starts by highlighting people who don’t know much about the White River. Do you identify with any of them? If so, why?

  2. Geoff, one of the main characters in the film (0:45-3:50), likes to spend solitary time on the river. Do you enjoy spending time in nature, and if so, do you prefer to be by yourself or with others? Why?

  3. Geoff says spending time on water isn’t a part of Indiana’s culture. Do you agree, and if so, why do you think that is?

  4. Geoff’s dream is to canoe the entire length of the White River because he thinks it would give him a new perspective on Indiana. What do you think you’d learn about your city, county or state if you traveled it by water?

  5. Mike, a farmer (3:52-6:39), gives several reasons for why he practices farming that conserves water and keeps harmful runoff from entering the watershed. What are his reasons, both stated and implied? What are some of the practices?

  6. Mike says he prefers to lead by example rather than be told how to farm, as he implements water-friendly practices. What do you think—which strategy will work best for Hoosiers?

  7. Mark, an engineer working on the Dig Indy project (6:40-8:42) connects his love of the outdoors with his work on solving the combined sewage overflow problem in Indianapolis and other cities. In your professional life or through your volunteer commitments, do you participate in any efforts to improve the White River or the Hoosier environment generally? If so, how?