August 29, 2012
PASSION: Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights is a classic 19th century Gothic novel. The product of Emily Bronte’s imagination, this timeless tale is flush with passion, rivalry, and competition. The book is a series of recollections given during a snowstorm when a visitor to the area is shut in with an old housekeeper. To pass the time, she retells a tale about a complicated family living nearby.

Heathcliff was taken into the Earnshaw family as an orphan and fell in love with his adopted sister, Catherine. Eventually he feels jilted by the entire family and seeks revenge with unbridled passion.

Originally published in 1847 under Bronte’s male pseudonym, this novel has endured centuries of critiques and acclaim.

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In July and August, Indiana Humanities is exploring the topic of “passion,” as part of its Spirit of Competition theme.

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