Picture a room full of Hoosiers thinking, talking, sharing, and doing things that take them just slightly out of their comfort zone. They’re having fun, they’re meeting new people and they’re learning about Indiana. This, in a nutshell, is an ALL-IN Block Party. This unique program is a creative and fun way to bring together Hoosiers to inspire new ideas, get involved and make Indiana even better. 

ALL-IN Block Parties will took place across the state for two years leading up to our bicentennial, reaching thousands of Hoosiers and generating tens of thousands of conversations about how we can make our state a better place to live, work and learn.



An ALL-IN Block Party is a community-wide event where Hoosiers complete a series of fun and thought-provoking challenges that build state and local pride. The challenges are drawn from Indiana Humanities’ ALL-IN, a digital competition that inspires us to learn more about Indiana, connect with each other and make our state even better.

Participants circulate among booths run by different community organizations. At each booth, participants complete a short activity that asks them to explore, discover, reflect, remember, participate and connect, getting to know their neighbors and their state in new ways.

Block Parties can be stand-alone events or be incorporated into other community events like festivals, back-to-school nights, holiday celebrations, etc.



Although we no longer offer program support, if you would like to talk over your ideas, email or call Leah Nahmias (lnahmias@indianahumanities.org / 317-616-9804).