Local filmmakers need more funds to tell Indiana stories.

Joe and Carol Trimmer Indiana Film Fund

“I love being a filmmaker in Indiana,” Hannah Lindgren says, as she notes the abundance of stories to be told, the collaborative spirit of the filmmakers here and the opportunity to share the real Midwest experience with others.

The Joe & Carol Trimmer Indiana Film Fund was established in 2020 with a generous $50,000 gift from long-time Indiana Humanities board member Joe Trimmer to provide more opportunities for filmmakers like Hannah Lindgren to tell Indiana stories. Like us, Joe is well aware of the vibrant film community and how important it is for Hoosiers to see themselves, and their neighbors, represented on the big screen.

Thanks to Joe’s incredible generosity, we have taken the first step to making sure we can support Indiana filmmakers for years to come—but we need your help. You can help us provide more opportunities for Indiana filmmakers to discover and tell our stories by joining our matching campaign to raise an additional $50,000 over the next six months. Watch this video to find out why grants like ours are critical to Indiana filmmakers.

We’ve already raised more than $10,000 toward that goal! Donate today to the Joe & Carol Trimmer Indiana Film Fund and you can play a critical role in ensuring more Indiana stories make it to the big screen.


About Joe and Carol

Joe has served on Indiana Humanities’ board of directors two times in his career; he completed his second six-year stint in 2020. Joe’s background in film includes working on 20 documentary films, including the Emmy Award-winning Middletown series. But as the director of Ball State University’s Virginal Ball Center for Inquiry, Joe has always been most proud of the films his students have created, which have been nominated for more than a dozen regional Emmys and have won four. Carol, who passed away earlier this year, retired in 2010 from WBST-Indiana Public Radio after spending more than 20 years working for Congressman Phil Sharp’s office. Like Carol, Joe is a proud Purdue alumnus, a literature enthusiast and active in the Muncie community.


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